Amy Brown Lyman. Courtesy of Utah State Historical Society

“Women everywhere are leaders.” -Amy Brown Lyman

Amy Brown Lyman witnessed several tragedies in her young life due to a lack of medical care and vaccinations. This led her to a life of service and education. Social work was the defining cause of her life.

She served as Relief Society President, was a secretary for the National Council of Women, was an excellent business woman, volunteered with Chicago Charities, attended the lectures of Jane Addams (a prominent crusader against poverty), worked with The Red Cross, established a social welfare program within the church, taught welfare classes at BYU, and served in the Utah House of Representatives passing a bill to provide funds for maternity and infant care.

Whew! Makes me feel like a slacker.

Amy Brown Lyman was also a woman of great faith. The following is from a speech she gave in April 1926 at Temple Square, in Salt Lake City, Utah:

Sublime faith is one of the greatest of all gifts. Let us pledge our allegiance to our faith…For I have observed that those who have no faith, and who tend to undermine and destroy faith in others, never, so far as I know, leave anything constructive in its place. Let us not be influenced…by the wave of doubt and despair filling the earth today. Let us cling to the belief that faith with good works is an asset, a comforter, a blessing; it is the power of God…”

Stay tuned for more great women!

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