Goodreads tells me I read 37 out of my 45-book goal this year. Was my goal too lofty or do I just need to make more time to read? I think I’ll choose the latter; my 2020 reading list is long, exciting and ambitious, and I can’t wait to get started.

As for 2019: while it’s very hard to choose favorites, I did! Here are my top nine:

THE ISLAND OF SEA WOMEN: here’s to the all-female sea divers of Jeju!

ASK AGAIN, YES: domestic tragedy and a love story.

THE DEARLY BELOVED: it’s not easy to write about faith, but Wall pulled it off so well I was jealous. The writing was MARVELOUS! I just loved it.

SMALL FRY: what’s it like to feel like the abandoned daughter of Steve Jobs? a fabulous rendered memoir.

INHERITANCE: I adore everything Dani writes – including this page-turning memoir!

A PLACE FOR US: an exquisitely written story about an American-Muslim family. It made me cry. I loved it.

LONG WAY DOWN: a brilliant young adult bombshell by one of my favorite all-time writers. Just read it.

FRONT DESK: a middle grade read based on author Yang’s life of managing the front desk of a hotel while still in elementary school as a new immigrant.

A RACE AROUND THE WORLD: I think you’ll adore this picture book of real-life heroines, Nellie and Elizabeth. Grit and gumption!

All of these would be terrific Book Club reads, in my opinion. Now, please tell me – what were some of your favorite books this year?



  • Julia Tomiak says:

    I’ve got a copy of Long Way Down waiting for me! 🙂 Some of my favorites this year were: Where the Crawdads Sing, Becoming, and Bridge of Clay. Daughter gave me Erin Morgenstern’s (The Night Circus) next novel. Can’t wait!

  • Dianne Klabechek says:

    Amy. I love your lists because I can always be sure they are “safe” and I won’t get two chapters in, only to find out I can’t accept the language.

  • Caroline Starr Rose says:

    You are so KIND! Thank you for including Nellie and Elizabeth on your list. Happy New Year to you. May 2020 be a year of great reading. I’d love to host you on my blog with future books, by the way…

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