Encouragement for the week:

We put our 18-year-old son on a bus yesterday, headed to New York City. Without us. He’s going to intern at Crush Records this fall, record label to the amazing Matt Nathanson, Alanis Morrisette, Lorde…yeah, whatever, it’s cool. TOTALLY COOL!!!!

The house is quieter, leaving us all slightly unsettled. The house whispers, there were four and now there are two. I went down to his room today, just to see if he was actually here and I hadn’t dreamed the whole good-bye.

He was gone.

His room was quite messy, liked he had attempted to clean, but was caught up in the last-minute process of packing and remembering and rummaging for this and that.

But what I really noticed was his bed. He rarely makes the bed (I cannot bear to write when he lived here). Really, who has time for that as a teenager? You’re barely able to roll out and get your life together for that thing: SCHOOL.

Still, I thought bed-making an important motherhood mantra: “If you make your bed, you’re starting your day off right. It sets you up for happiness in life! Gretchen Rubin says so.” Okay, Mom, whatever.

So this morning, when I saw his bed was made, the comforter pulled up tight, the pillows on the bed, I paused. He made his bed. And I knew then, that he was ready to go.

This is all to say, keep trying. Keep teaching. Because someday, you will have the great fortune of seeing the bed made and you will know: they are ready.

p.s. (In his closet were the SHEETS to the bed and the pillowcases, but the COMFORTER was pulled up nice and tight and looked MADE. Baby steps, friends!)



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