I posted my enthusiasm for the Women’s World Cup team win yesterday (great game, Netherlands!), but Instagram took it down citing “copyright infringement” (I recorded a snippet from television.) They also banned me until 7/11. Boo.

So I’ll celebrate here, along with wishing my girl Cope a happy birthday -because her birth is inextricably tied to the 1999 watershed women’s world cup win.

This is what I wrote yesterday after our iconic women’s USA soccer team raised the trophy:

“I may have cried. The No-Quit Team. There are no glass ceilings, girls!!!🇺🇸

I have to include the following that Gregor wrote to our @cope_katherine today (her birthday is TODAY, July 8th):

‘One detail to add to your mother’s account of your birth 20 years ago. While you missed your due date and thus were not born on the 4th of July, you did arrive in the midst of the Women’s Soccer World Cup, which was a watershed moment for female athletes — the final, which was played just two days after your birth in the Rose Bowl in front of over 90,000 fans was epic and ended in a shootout won by the US and featured Brandi Chastain removing her shirt to reveal a sports bra (scandalous at the time) after scoring the winning PK. Shortly after the World Cup, the first women’s professional soccer league was established.  Your “ardent” feminism is tied to your birth.’

I LOVE WOMEN AND I LOVE THAT THEY USE THEIR GOD-given gifts to inspire the rest of us. Even as I was feeling out of shape and swollen and holding a newborn 20 years ago, I was thinking YES I CAN. Feeling it today too.
p.s. Also: fantastic to see two female coaches coaching the best two World Cup teams in the world and the commentators were representative of gender and color and the five refs were all women. Now let’s pay them equally. K? Awesome.”

I may have used a quite a few emoji’s 🙂

And here’s my girl, Cope. She’s in Taiwan as a missionary. Totally different World Cup. WINNING. Love her forever. Happy Birthday to a strong woman who also makes her family and country proud. xoxo


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  • Julia Tomiak says:

    Congrats to Cope and I share your enthusiasm for our women’s team and the energy and passion they have generated.
    Also, the new website format is very cool. Nice work. 😉

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