Yes, I’m alive {and other good news}

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Poor neglected blog. I keep having brilliant blog post epiphanies and then…something happens between thinking and doing. A little catch-up:

We left our peaceful world of summer with one last swim…When my friend moves and sells this adorable little cottage with lake access, I’m buying!

With both feet, we jumped right into fall.Fall is my favorite season of all. The humidity lessens, the air becomes crisp, apples start growing on trees, and the colors! Such a beautiful world God created.

I found this butterfly today. It was dead but looked ready to launch…there’s a lesson in there somewhere…

What else did fall bring us? These Sistema tupperware (I found at Old Navy). My kids LOVE them. Why is it so much more fun to pack food in cute little containers? “Mom, can I please please pack a salad?” Yep!

This post could also be called: Soccer Makes a Life TakeoverBut I not-so-secretly love everything about that too! We can’t get enough!

The boy made varsity and plays as a left winger. It’s rough and tough and oh so awesome. I had more fun pictures of boy, but he sets a very high bar for clearing pictures and captions. Why you gotta be like that? 🙂

My middle school team – I LOVE them! (And yes, it took a good five minutes to stop jumping on one another for this shot.)

My Brynne girl is on my team at the middle school. We are having a blast. Our team is pure magic. The chemistry couldn’t be better!

As our middle mid, she’s one of our play makers!

We are having so much fun with the cousins who moved to town. #makechniemafia attends many many games together!

Paige doubled up on soccer AND cross-country. I have many thoughts on what I was thinking. It was a great experience, but she’s a little bit overloaded as a 10-year-old. When she runs, Paige closes her eyes and says, it’s almost over, it’s almost over…

Boy is also in my Anatomy & Physiology class. We are having fun dissecting! (but I’ve had to cut down on the boy stories :))

The Professor is a busy boy, talking to other busy folk in matching black jackets. We say hi and bye a lot.

But not to worry – we make sure to have doughnut dates. (Tarte, please don’t move!)

Oh, and College Cope? She discovered that leaves change color in Utah, too!

And we FaceTime every Sunday. And she and I text, like, everyday. Because that’s just the way it has to be.

Sometimes when I’m sad my children are getting old and leaving me I’ll make boy’s bed. I put his stuffed animal in the middle and we’re happy again.

I also remind myself that Hard is What Makes it Great. Right? Family stuff is hardest of all but also gives the biggest payoff. So we have to work the hardest at it, and know that life is long and most things have a way of working out.

Here cousin Grace is, consoling Paige after they opened a package that was sent to me and discovered it was a fetal pig to be used for dissection. It was, um, rather horrifying. “Come here, Paige,” Grace said. “It’s okay.” Yes, I receive many odd packages.

This past month I’ve also been burying myself in edits, edits, edits. I kindof love it. It’s so much better than a blank page. I guess it’s as good a time as any to announce that back in February I was offered a book deal by Simon and Schuster. WHAT?!

How’s that for an announcement? haha! I’ve been so shell shocked and panic-stricken and in happy la-la land that I am just now able to publicly write that last sentence 🙂

This isn’t even the title anymore! I could write posts and posts about this crazy, exhilarating, and yes, even heartbreaking odyssey. Would you like to read them? Publication is summer 2018, and don’t you worry, you’ll be hearing all about how to preorder 🙂

Thanks for reading, friends, and Happy October!



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