Happy Easter {with a birthday and bald head}

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Happy post-Easter! I hope you had a wonderful holiday. Holy Week turned out to be just what we needed as we read a few scriptures every night around the kitchen table. Everyone is a bit nicer to each other when we do that. Spring sports hadn’t started yet and we had a little more down time than usual. It’s good to stop and breathe.

And then there was a birthday!

Our baby girl turned 9. I’ve requested to always be allowed to call her “baby girl.” I have to be careful because sometimes my nostalgia rubs off and she says things like, “I don’t want to be 9. I want to be 8,” and then we talk about the great adventures ahead and how WONDERFUL it is…as I feel my heart go walking outside of my body and get stomped on…unnamed-2

There was a last minute request for a class birthday treat….AH! We do what we can do.

In anticipation of Easter, it became cold and rained ice. I was fascinated by these tulips and daffodils “Don’t shrink. Don’t puff up. Just stand your sacred ground.” –Brene Brownunnamed-3

We had Easter baskets and an egg hunt on Saturday. This year was extra special because our COUSINS came!!! I found quite a lot of interesting pictures of my phone…

unnamed-4 unnamed-5unnamed-17 unnamed-8

On Saturday I received a phone call from the boy: “Mom, do I have permission to shave my head for St. Baldricks?” To raise money for childhood cancer? Shave away!

It was shocking to see bald boy come through the front door. Maybe some day I will be so brave…! Will you do it with me???


Easter egg hunt with the little ‘uns…(Despite good intentions, we still managed to consume way too much sugar.)



The next morning we awoke late and hustled to church where my father-in-law and I were speaking. We were really late, had the church programs in the car, and our van said we had ZERO miles left of gas. I imagined myself RUNNING to church, bursting through the doors to deliver a peaceful talk about Jesus… “I feel like I’m going to faint.” The Professor told me to “Assume a warrior pose. Shoulders back. Deep breaths. Resolute face.” I tried. It helped.

My father-in-law delivered an awesome talk on Jesus, those who mocked him, and the resurrection.

I was asked to speak about the women in Jesus’ life. What a great topic to study!

The brothers who know how to sport Easter egg ties…unnamed-10

The mamas…one of my besties for life – Jill!unnamed-9

Coincidentally, (?) prior to speaking I watched two films: Suffragette and He Named Me Malala. Both tell the true accounts of great women who were the foot soldiers in important revolutions. They spoke up, at a great cost to themselves and other women. There was violence and blood shed. Both films shed light on the need for greater love, education, and equality. Our ultimate example? Jesus Christ. Man, sometimes it feels like we’ve made such progress and sometimes it feels like we have so much further to go.


As I spoke, I looked down at the pew where a long line of my girls sat. These strong, amazing girls – some my daughters, some my nieces, my sister-in-law, my friends, my young women, strangers. I want so desperately for us all to know…remember who you are! Become all the wonderful things you are meant to be!

Yes, I was quite inspired by the good women of Easter.


And let’s not forget the good men who are helping us raise such good, strong daughters.

Whether they were with us today or were far from home…love, love, this family of mine.

Happy spring!



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