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Ordinary Days

By February 24, 2016 3 Comments

It’s been quiet around here but not because we’ve been hibernating (sadly) (listen to Abel James’s interview on why we should hibernate in the winter, turn off the tv, and read books by candlelight). Here’s life around here this month:

We’re having fun in A&P. This month we dissected a brain, an eye, and for finals next week: a heart! It’s a good ol’ time. And fascinating to always be learning about the human body.unnamed

The Professor can levitate peas. I always knew he was a keeper.unnamed-1

I’m using Google Calendar give myself daily reminders. I highly recommend it. Want a tutorial? unnamed

For Valentine’s, I made these truffles. Oh, my heart.unnamed-7

During a snowstorm, The Professor and I went to a Bernie Sanders debate to hear Matt Nathanson play. We lived. And were impressed with the politically engaged young people!unnamed-8

I want to write like this. I’m going to practice. Not sure when. Thought you should know: unnamed-1

For Valentine’s I gave Nellie meat. He loves me now.unnamed-4

For vacation week we had cousin Ella! Lucky us! She baked and cleaned my windows. Cause I’m a fun Aunt like that. Boy do we love our cousins.unnamed-3

More cousin love. This time on skis!unnamed-9

Sometimes I have a photo taken of myself.unnamed-10

Cope is driving me around. Blasting the musical, Hamilton. GET US TICKETS, PLEASE! Cope looks rather tranquil here but I assure you that’s NOT how we sing Hamilton in the car.unnamed-13

For Spring break, I’m a little too excited. Here’s why:unnamed-15

For my birthday, Brynne made me breakfast in bed. Er…she tried…but I was out running (feeling very out of shape…) We compromised and I got pancakes on the couch afterwards. It was a beautiful thing for a mom to be remembered.unnamed-14Yes, it’s all rather ordinary. The washing machine broke yesterday (happy birthday!), my roots need coloring, and I still bite my nails. I’m another year older but feeling lucky and blessed to have lived another year with good health, great friends (including you, dear readers), and the bestest-ever family. These are ordinary things, I suppose. But I’m feeling like it’s all rather extraordinary.




  • Julia Tomiak says:

    It IS all rather extraordinary. Glad someone remembered your birthday – sorry to have it punctuated by mechanical error… hope the washer is fixed pronto! An essential piece of equipment in a house of six. If I were closer, I’d lend you mine…

    And HOW are you going to read ALL of those books over Spring Break? Extraordinary indeed! 🙂

  • Ella says:

    Hope u enjoyed your birthday aunt amy!!! Did you enjoy the movies..?

  • Ella says:

    Hope u enjoyed your birthday aunt amy!!! Did you enjoy the movies..?

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