Best of May

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A recap of life out here in the sticks…there should be more cow photos. Next time?

1. I don’t know why I think texting with darling daughter is so hilarious. A recent exchange when she went to Harvard with her dad for an “entrepreneurship field trip:”IMG_8992

2. I met Tita, of Lemonade International out of Guatemala. This woman is my hero, a humble, modern-day Mother Theresa, working in the slums, where children grow up in dumps. She didn’t mean to start a school or change the world…”I just walked hand in hand with Jesus and He made it happen.” IMG_9002_2

3. Summer soccer got kicked off with a night game. Ohhhh…I can’t stay away.IMG_9020_2

3a. I should stay away…can’t stay away…IMG_9146_2

4. Wait. Wasn’t this “Best of May”? Why is there an old diaper buried in my garden bed? (bad doggie!)IMG_9031

5. Anatomy & Physiology. We always think “studying outside” is a good idea until the wind blows  away our books and the weather is way too nice to focus. Nice try.IMG_9073

6. Bike to School Day! I’m cherishing these moments. Our friend Gail said, “Oh, I used to love biking with my children and now they are all grown up and moved away…”IMG_9080_2

7. We found a Snapper. Do you know they are meat eaters and carry a heavy fine for keeping?IMG_9085_2

8. Warning: 40-year-old women should think twice before attempting this acrobatic moveIMG_9142

9. 8th-grade NYC field trip fundraising breakfast. Aren’t they cute?IMG_9134

10. A girl and her dogDSC_0031

11. The tulips burst open, followed by the crab apple tree, poppies and rhododendrons. And just as quickly they are gone…IMG_9185

12. Forgive the Instagram repeats, but this was a best of May…IMG_9233

13. Mother’s DayIMG_9150_2

14. Best in-laws everIMG_9313


15. Right?IMG_9323_2

16. My good friend, Eric and wife, Heide, came to my class to talk about Eric’s diaphragm pacemaking system. ALS stinks. But medical advances are incredible.IMG_9186

17. A best of May: walks in the woods with EricIMG_9287_2

18. Tomatoes grown from seed are now in the ground!DSC_0047


19. Whoever said money doesn’t buy happiness never bought their child an iPod. Kidding, kidding! (kind of)IMG_9266

20. My boy went to the state track meet for the mile and ran a smokin’ fast 5:38! #braggingDSC_0058

21. We’re having some serious beaver troubles…this is the least of it. Advice? IMG_9339

22. I love this:IMG_9353

23. Cope in Fiddler on the Roof! Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match…is forever seared in my brain…it was an awesome production.CopeFiddler

24. And…we all ran in a 5k! amy5k

And we continue to run and run and run….right into summer! Tell me, how was your May?



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