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Welcome to the mighty tundra, otherwise known as the North East. Baby it’s cold outside.


1. This mailbox has not yet been hit by a snow plow, but don’t you worry, it’s bound to happen for the seventh year in a row! In the mean time, why don’t you write me a letter?


2. In other world news, my kids have “ski friday” every week with their school. Determined to get on the slopes this year, I made The Professor go on a ski date with me. It’s only been FIFTEEN YEARS since we’ve been, when I was pregnant with eldest child. Skis are shorter now. And everyone wears helmets. I began to have heart palpitations on the ski lift and I may have given a terrifying shriek when it boosted me off.

2a. I didn’t fall down.

IMG_75983. But since we do hard things it turned out to be a blast, especially when we found our sweet Brynnie-the-Pooh who is a pro (start young!). Thankfully we couldn’t find Nelson who was jumping off dangerous jumps on the black diamond course. I was very happy to stay on the barnyard baby bunny course.

3a. Note to self: do not wear knit hat or gloves.

3b. Was I being paranoid or did people keep laughing at me? Gregor said it was my outfit. Like, apparently you don’t tuck your pants into your boots.


3c. Note to self: ski more with the kids.


4. But let them do the shoveling. They like it.

IMG_76255. School was cancelled yesterday and even The Professor had to stay home. We made a million valentines courtesy of Pinterest.

5a. We boogied to T-Swizzles, Meghan Trainor (oh my goodness I love her…Dear Future Husband…), and Matt Nathanson.

5b. It was a good day’s work.

6. In other entertainment news, Harper Lee, author of To Kill a Mockingbird is releasing her second novel. I can’t wait to get my hands on it and yet…I hope I can love it. Jean Louise all grown up? And Atticus, dear Atticus!

6a. Eldest daughter is playing Scout in her school’s play next weekend. My darling niece is named Scout. We have a slight obsession with the greatest piece of literature ever written.


7. Cold means they hold my hand more.

7a. It also means a million games of Pick Up Sticks. Fortunately I like that game. It might be my talent in life.

7b. Ten feet of snow also means it’s very hard to to run outside. And you know my issue with treadmills. Translation = I’m a wimp. Alas, my running has suffered.

7c. Which is why, I’m convinced, I got sick.

7d. Whenever I get sick I start to think I might die. Husband thinks this is a genetic trait passed on to me from my mother.

7e. To prevent early demise, I’m drinking lots of THIS and THIS and swallowing Oil of Oregano pills because it boosts the immune system and I’ve always wanted to smell like a pizza.

How’s your tuesday going?





  • Nina says:

    You guys stay busy. It’s awesome! By the way, made the tikka masala tonight. It’s SO GOOD! I used coconut milk and added mushrooms and spinach since I had them around. Really delish and hearty. Thank you!!

  • maisymak says:

    Nina, this makes me so happy! Thanks for the coconut milk tip – will have to try it!

  • Julia Tomiak says:

    Obviously, my Tuesday was busy because now it’s WEDNESDAY! Glad to get a report from the tundra, and you look fine in that hat. I just heard the Harper Lee news too! Very exciting! Good luck to the actress in the family. My son made it to the county spelling bee. Tonight we are studying words of French origin! :-0

  • Wowza, what a cool/busy family! Love those homemade valentines 🙂 I live in Colorado and haven’t been skiing in about 10 years~ your photos made me want to give it a shot again. Love the Scout connections in your family and I also can’t wait to read the new book!

  • Loved your ski photos! We’ve been skiing twice so far this winter, and we’re going again this weekend. Last time we went, my 14-year-old daughter posted pictures in Facebook after the fact — obviously taken from the ski lift.

    I wanted to yell, “What if you’d dropped your phone?! What if you’d fallen off the lift because you were distracted?! What if …”

    At that point, I realized I was being a paranoid parent and shut up.

    I hope you enjoyed your trip. I look forward to lots of goofy pictures this weekend, since the daughters are both bringing friends. Heaven help me if they drop their phones on the lift …

    • Amymak says:

      Dianne! As I was taking the photos I kept thinking, “what if you drop your phone – you ARE going to drop your phone!!!” We are mothers 🙂 Looking forward to your goofy ski photos!

  • Dana says:

    Happy Thursday! I’m a bit late. I’m impressed by anyone who can stay upright on skis; I’ve never stepped on a pair in my life. I’m not into cold weather sports; if I ever go on a ski trip I will be reading a book by the fireplace in the lodge!

  • 4amWriter says:

    We have ski club on Fridays, too. Both kids are learning this year, although my son is taking snowboarding lessons instead of skiing lessons. I do not ski. I have been. Multiple times. Both here in the east and in Colorado. Not a fan. I don’t like being cold. I don’t like the pain in my knees. I don’t like the boots. I don’t like heights. I don’t like speed. I don’t like falling and getting snow under all my clothes.

    Yeah, no, not for me. 🙂 But, I’m glad you had fun. Me, I’ll sit in the lodge with Harper Lee’s new book. 😉

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