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A Recent Conversation With Mama Moo Moo

By November 20, 2014 June 20th, 2019 3 Comments

The other day I stopped by to chat with Mama Moo Moo DSC_0061It can take awhile to catch Mama’s attention with all that grass out there. But Baby sees me.DSC_0077Yes, Mama Moo Moo. Come on over here. I want to talk to you.

Wait a second, Baby says. Where are you taking Mama Moo Moo and my milk supply?

DSC_0080Mama decides she’ll come over for a chat. Baby doesn’t move.DSC_0083We discuss weekend plans, the coming snow, and since it’s rather obvious – that very full udder.DSC_0075Mama Moo Moo and I would sit down with a hot cup of tea, but you know, this fence isn’t something her or I want to attempt to climb over.DSC_0090We go back to discussing her milk supply. “Girl, I’m just so full of milk! I jingle jangle all over the place!”DSC_0123 Which prompts Baby to high-tail it over here. Milk? Milk? Are they talking milk?

DSC_0095 Mmmm. Mmmm. Mmmmm. Mama Moo Moo’s milk sure is good.DSC_0092 I know.

DSC_0096 Why she’s looking at me, Mama?

DSC_0098I gotta go, Mama says. We’ve got to get this nursing thing done cause he’s just gonna want eat in an hour again!DSC_0104 Mmmmmm. Mmmmm. Mmmmm. Milk, glorious milk.

DSC_0114 I try to be sneaky and go to the other side but I can’t get any closer or it distracts Baby and makes Mama mad.DSC_0113 Mmmmm. Mmmmm. Mmmmm. Milk.

DSC_0120 Excuse me? She’s there again. Watching me.

Okay, okay. I say good-bye for the day, tell Mama we’ll catch up again soon.DSC_0110 Mama trots off when Baby’s done. Sometimes a mom just needs a little alone time.

moomoo Mmmmm. Mmmmm. Mmmmm. Graaaaassssss.

grass So much glorious grass! Gotta eat it up before it snows. Like, tomorrow.

photoIsn’t she a beautiful Mama? And can you see? I caught her mid-sentence!



  • Alana Eaton says:

    This post could be a fabulous children’s picture book. Plenty of nursing moms would read it to their pre-schoolers, while feeding their own babies. Loved this, Amy.

  • I agree! A great picture book idea and a very sweet blog post 🙂

  • Sarah says:

    This is my favorite post ever. And I’m sure you’re thinking of all the glorious things you’ve ever written and you’re saying to yourself….seriously? But…yes, seriously. THIS is my favorite 🙂 (and if you make it into a book I’ll buy it!!)

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