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Bright Lights, Big City: NYC 2014

By September 15, 2014 7 Comments

A whirlwind weekend has come and gone, with the husband and I jetting off to NYC for our annual admissions trip on behalf of Hogwarts. Last year’s photo shoot is HERE. Hogwarts does not send an owl – they send us! Lucky us.

We left the darlings in the capable hands of Grandma who was making faces at our requisite green breakfast smoothie. Which was more brown – but tasty! We are incredibly fortunate to have a Grandma who will become MOM for the weekend and drive everyone to games, birthday parties, and school, and still get them to bed with brushed teeth AND chores done. Does it get any better?


Five hours later we were driving under the George Washington bridge.IMG_5300 IMG_5302Entering the big, big city.

IMG_5320I immediately felt right at home when the horse stopped at the red light.

IMG_5305We stayed at the Hudson, a sheshe hotel with shoeboxes for rooms. It was swanky fun! Unfortunately, it started to rain. And you know…my hair. IMG_5310

Luckily there are many CVS stores with umbrellas. We trotted down to John Jay, College of Criminal Justice and set up our admissions booth. This seemed like the perfect time to wear my pin-striped seersucker pants:

.IMG_5312 IMG_5330

The Professor in his element.


After the fair, which was great, with so many motivated kids and parents hoping to get a better education than the one they are offered, we went for a night-time run in Central Park. We ended up at the Apple Store, which carried a greater risk of a mugging than the park. We were so worn out we skipped the restaurant and ate take-out Asian noodles and New York cheesecake.

DSC_0005 The next morning I went stalking. This man sits at the base of Christopher Columbus.DSC_0012 We went hunting for my brother, Peter, and wife, Allison, but alas, this was not the right location. This is the NYC LDS temple, built right on the corner and blending in with the city. It’s gorgeous.

DSC_0027Sunday was a perfect weather day. I imagined how many New Yorkers live for Sunday strolling and leisure. I had to snap the above picture as I watched this mother hurry her children to string lessons.DSC_0010 Perhaps we’ll have time to watch a show someday?DSC_0033 There were SO many crowds of police officers! Is this normal?DSC_0029 I liked this woman in purple. Not so sure this woman in red liked me:DSC_0032

So many great looks!



Soon, we were in great need of food before check-out

DSC_0038 Hark! Whole Foods. I could live there.DSC_0040 DSC_0043 DSC_0021 I always feel some guilt when eating so well in NYC. When others, don’t.DSC_0008 DSC_0026 Gregor, headed toward CNN.DSC_0016 Fancy shmancy workout attire. I didn’t even go in.DSC_0079

What a headache it must be to move, in NYC!

DSC_0067 DSC_0009 Lots of dogs, but huge sanitation and recycling initiativesDSC_0061 On the corner of Central Park, Columbus AveDSC_0007 DSC_0050

We ate an early lunch and watched a race going on. Love the bicycle tours – what a workout!


Enormous trees shedding their bark by Riverside Park

DSC_0099Our next event was a basketball showcase where we watched kids play, pass, and run drills. This was part of an incredible organization called Inspiring Young Minds. Love these kids.DSC_0101 DSC_0083 And then it was time to leave the city.DSC_0130We finally found my twinner, Peter, and Allison. Poor little Charlie-barley was sick with a fever. Sydnie was looking for a squirrel and her missing mermaid. Oh, I adore these four! Peter is in his last year of surgical residency (hallelujah!) and is Chief this year. Allison is due with their third baby (a boy!) in January. It’s been a long road, but they’re almost there. Here is what medical student housing looks like:DSC_0125Let’s just say Allison can’t wait to be done

And then we were off, headed north to New Hampshire.IMG_5353

But first, Pepe’s. So good.


And we’re back, and it’s always good to be home.

Hope you had a grand weekend, too!



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