Helping Hale Hay the field {with a possible wardrobe malfunction}

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The last hay day was in October. Ten months later the farmers were back at it. And once again I was following around like the paparazzi.

Not everyone likes hay day. On Instagram (let’s be friends HERE) it was deemed the WORST day because it’s hot and hard work and itchy itchy itchy. But you see, I’m not actually doing the work – I’m just taking pictures. Of course I like hay day!

The other day I was salty. I had taken the kids to the lake in the morning and by the time we got back, we had missed the whole beautiful haying experience (them farmers work fast) -how disappointing. The one bright spot was that there were a few bales left and I knew my farmer friends would be back to collect.

My mother and I decided it would be the perfect time to color our white roots. Since I didn’t want to sit in a wet, sandy bathing suit, I left my top on, but took the bottoms off and wrapped myself in a towel. (uh…tmi?)

Just as I rinsed out the lovely rich dark brown color that was in too long making me look like a vampire, I heard my tractor friends!

Not wanting to miss the moment, I booked it outside with my camera. Still wrapped in a towel with nothing underneath.

I made it just in time to see Hale comin’ around the corner.

DSC_0045I could tell Hale was real excited because he was moving fast and there were only a few more hay bales to pick up. Hale is about…I’m not even joking…like almost a 100 years old and he’s still out haying the fields all over the neighborhood. Hale was ready to get on home to his missus and his cows after a long day.DSC_0041See that hay bale being shot out of the air like a rocket? I just love that! It lands right into the hay holder thingy.DSC_0044 Except uh-oh, the hay stopped baling and flying like a rocket. The hay was stuck.DSC_0046So Hale climbed down off the tractor to see what the problem was and in the mean time, Red came over to help finish the job.DSC_0047 I’m still snapping pictures watching Hale struggle to pull hay out of the feeder.DSC_0048 Watching Hale struggle I begin to feel I supposed to help? But I’m not wearing anything under my towel…go help. What if the towel falls off? I don’t even know what to do. How am I supposed to help? I’m just the photographer! But…the hay is stuck…

Well, I couldn’t just stand there taking pictures! Clark Kent was a journalist and still managed to Superman in the most inconvenient of places.

So I slung the camera over my shoulder, sauntered down like I was really wearing something under my towel and starting pulling hay out of the hay baler. Hale looked at me and laughed. I’m not sure why…was it the towel, my vampire hair, or my complete lack of qualifications…and together we pulled the hay out. I felt like such a cowgirl in a towel.

Then Red came over and gave it to Hale for going too fast and causing more work when by golly, we could’ve been all hayed out by now. These two went at it for awhile. I thoroughly enjoyed the exchange.

DSC_0051This is Red. Grumbling, mad at Hale.

Hale was soon back in the saddle again.DSC_0055They must really love us because they are constantly mowing over stray soccer balls, shoes, and barbie dolls. I can only imagine what their feed really looks like, with little barbie heads intertwined with clover and hay, being fed to the Holsteins.DSC_0049There it is – a beautiful thing! That hay will feed the cows and horses all winter. And keep my chickens warm.

DSC_0054 DSC_0057If they’re lucky, they can get one more crop in October.  DSC_0059Hale and Red. I wonder if they truly know how much we love ’em?

And my towel did not fall off. But I did scamper into the house and decided it was time to get dressed.




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