Happy Father's DaySunday Meditations

Sunday Meditations: Happy Father’s Day

By June 15, 2014 2 Comments

I love my Father. I see him everywhere.

I love my Dad. He’s one of the good guys. In a white shirt and tie.

I love Arthur. He’s one of the good guys. In a kitchen apron, making bread.

I love my boy, Nellie Mak. He’s one of the good guys. With duct tape.

I love Superman. Because who doesn’t?

I love our doggy, Tenny. He’s a good doggy.

I love my brothers. And brothers-in-law. Each one of them. They’re good fathers and men. And could have their own fashion face-off.

I love the good men who show my son what being a good man is all about. Who do the right thing. And help my husband laugh and cook bacon.

And I’m lucky that seventeen years ago (zowie!) my husband walked into a college apartment and it was love at first sight even though it took him a few months for him to realize that. He works so hard for us, can cook like a master chef, and loves his children something fierce. He deserves a back scratch, don’t you think?

He’s one of the good guys. And I love him.

To all the good guys: Happy Father’s Day!



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