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Meet Our New Babies

By February 3, 2014 February 4th, 2014 9 Comments

I’ve always wanted twins. Dreams were fulfilled this weekend…DSC_0331

Kind of. The stork delivered twin bunnies to our house. They are 12 weeks old. They are sweet and soft, require daily feeding and fresh water every couple of hours. Lucky for me, I have three other mamas in the house who are in charge of the babies. I’m going for a hand-off approach.

Cope is crowing. Promises have come to pass. You see, in a great moment of weakness, many moons ago, we made a bargain. An offer came out of my mouth in a moment of…insanity?

Why, mothers, do we do these things to ourselves? Wasn’t there a better way? Like, maybe, a lollipop? Let’s also be clear: I promised ONE rabbit.DSC_0332

When the babies arrived? Instant smitten. This is Daenerys. (pronounced Duh-NAIR-iss which I have a sneaking suspicion is from a certain Game of Thrones book a certain someone is not supposed to be reading…) I had a preference for Thumper.

Anyway, as it just so happened, Cope’s BFF (partner in crime) has a father who raises rabbits. To eat. Honestly, I just couldn’t do it.


Here’s Reggie. He’s the shyer of the two. Look that nose! Look at the feet and the long, soft ears?  Poor Reggie; that very morning, all his brothers and sisters were “processed” and put in the freezer. 

Saved from their processing fate, we now have two babies of our very own! Given our track record with rodents, we hope we can be trusted this time. Come to think of it, Peanut the Hamster also ended up in the freezer 🙁 sorry, Becky. I still feel guilty.



We are so smitten, that Cope insisted the sweet bunnies must absolutely live in her room. bunnyLove those ears! DSC_0400There was, however, one member of the household  who wanted to eat our new babies.doggyHe could hardly stand it. Tenny had to be put in a separate room and went so beserk I thought he was going to break down the door. Dear sweet Tenny does not have a very good track record with pets…hamsters, baby chicks, grown chickens…DSC_0379Our babies are largeDSC_0375Large enough to eat.DSC_0429The babies moved down into the basement where the eldest daughter resides. We’ve heard that rabbits are very trainable and if you let them hop around the house they’ll actually go in litter boxes. 

Um. No.DSC_0418Here is something I now know about rabbits: They need diapers. They produce more waste than any creature on the planet. That nice white sheet underneath the cage was completely soaked with urine and rabbit pellets within 12 hours. Within 24 hours, the entire basement smelled like a barnyard mixed with a perfume factory from all the air freshener Cope was spraying around the room.

36 hours later: This was not happening.

I feared a reality show coming…”Family Living in Filth…”

Lightbulb moment: “Ohhhh….so this is why bunnies live OUTSIDE.”DSC_0435Fertilizer for the garden?

So then we had to carry the cage all the way upstairs, across the kitchen floor and into the garage…DSC_0437I tell you what, the shop vac is one mighty invention. As is the mop. And something called bleach.

After 36 hours in the garage (nothing better than slipping on frozen urine), they were once again moved and are now living with our dear chickens, in their rightful place – in the barn. Now we just need a Wilbur.DSC_0335So that was our weekend. Aren’t our babies adorable? Even if they have to live with the chickens?

And since we don’t know what gender they are, maybe we’ll have more! Would you like a baby, too?




  • Sarah says:

    Those bunnies are the sweetest….and super huge. We had a bunny when I was little that was maybe the size of a large hamster and it used to hang out in your pocket (more than once a certain someone would chew through your shirt without you realizing what was going on)…I wonder what your babies would look like if you tried to stuff them in s shirt pocket? Enjoy 😉

  • Kate Rose says:

    I laughed the whole post! Good thing Easter is coming up soon.

  • mary nelson says:

    They are cute. Jenkins had a live in bunny. But, why do I see this not ending well? Sweet bunnies leisurely hoping over the grass and then Tenny gets out… Or bunnies escape to the woods. I’ve never seen such big bunnies. Fun to follow their timeline.

    • Amy Mak says:

      I think there is a part of me that secretly hopes they hop into the woods and live happily ever after with pooh bear and freinds…why do I not see this ending well either?

  • Marathon Glenn says:

    I find my pellet gun takes care of all the bunnies that venture into our back yard.

    • Amy Mak says:

      You and my mother are kindred spirits! Your mother just left me a hilarious message about rabbit diapers. I thought about it for a half a second. I refuse to put “change rabbit diapers” on my chore list.

  • thewalshies says:

    I think you should start dressing them in baby clothes – wouldn’t that be so cute?? :o)

  • Lindsey says:

    Soooo cute!!! You are one brave Mama!

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