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By January 9, 2014 January 14th, 2014 One Comment

My brother and sister-in-law live in a real place called “Sunnyvale.” It’s warm. The sun always shine. The weather is always one thing: perfect. My brother fell asleep on his porch the other day, drifting off after reading a book…I’m tempted to burst the bubble by telling brother he’s really living on The Truman Show, that’s it’s not real, but that wouldn’t be very nice of me, would it?

I on the other hand, have turned into a snowman. snowmanThis is not Sunnyvale. This is what is called bitter and frigid. It’s so cold humans cannot possibly live here…except for some reason we do.

My mother-in-law tells me I must endure if I want to call myself a Yankee. This is another conversation.

kidsChildren used to go to school. A husband used to skip happily to work.

sickNow they all stay home sick. And want things. Like water.reader

Though some appear a little sicker than others. Darling girl.

I am not sick. I am the last girl standing, waving a flag. The ship is slowing sinking. The flag says, “Save me, Sunnyvale!”

I won’t sleep in the same room as sick husband for fear of inhaling germs. When a child makes those noises I throw a bowl into the room, cover my mouth, and yell, “Are you okay?” while slowing backing running away.

It’s hard to run, hard to motivate, hard to…be awake. I contemplate sleeping until March.

On to more pleasant topics. My mother is visiting. Sadly, she leaves us tomorrow. We will miss her adventurous ways and famous Maggie and Haggie Witch stories.walkMama is going back to sunny Arizona. I beg of you…don’t leave me! Saturday is Ma and Pa’s 40th wedding anniversary. I stand in awe and gratitude. 

Good thing I have pleasant diversions. Like this big sports nutrition test. testAre you excited for more nutrition spouting? My children are – sugar feeds disease! Thank you, Mother. You’re welcome.

It occurred to me that maybe I am not sick because I am not eating candy this month. Or perhaps I shall be struck down tomorrow? I have new healthy foods to try. I will experiment and be sure to tell you all about them.foodHusband has his own health ideas. medsOil of Oregano is supposed to STOP bacteria and viruses dead – sickness be banished! We’ve become big Ben Greensfield fans. Instead of ABBA and Katy Perry, Ben is podcasting during workouts and long runs. But this oil. It’s incredibly potent and makes the husband smell like a very oreganous spaghetti factory. One drop and the oregano wafts strongly from every corner of the kitchen, from every pore of his body. Does it work? I’ll let you know.

While he experiments with medicinals, I’m trying to stay healthy by running. Surely this shall save me? Tomorrow is a supposed to be a 6-miler and Friday is 10-12, but with sub-zero temps…Sunnyvale, take me away.

Brynne tells me I must have couragecourage

I will keep trying to be brave. Here, in Antartica.

I’m just really cold.

So, how’s your January going?


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  • Patrick says:

    Wow- looking at the pictures of you guys bundled up with heavy coats and the snow and dark gray skies in the background makes me cringe! It’s like a bad dream. The worst winter storms in Sunnyvale include mid-50 degree temperatures and rain!

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