Got Me My First Deer. And Other Summer Snippets.

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1.  Summer has begun.
And we all breathed a long, deep, lovely breath.
“I will take you where ever you want to go,” I told my lovies.  “As long as I don’t have to drive.”  Starve if you must.  I’m not going anywhere.  No camps, no lessons, no orthodontist appointments.  Who needs food?  We have canned beans in the basement!
The one exception?  The beach, which is a mile and a half down the road.  That I can do.  Catch a fish.
We bonded.  We loved every minute of our together time.  For a good 20 minutes.
There are advantages to not leaving the house.
2.  There are disadvantages too.  The day after the last day of school, the house literally exploded with STUFF.  I was ruthless with school papers, filling FOUR grocery sacks full of paper.  I then stuffed backpacks, lunch boxes and shoes into the washing machine.  I cleaned and purged.  It was exhausting.  When Gregor came home he looked around and said, “The house looks nice.”  You have no idea.
3.  Now I have to get back into full-time cooking mode.  They all eat SO much!  I keep track of dinners on the wall.  Gregor has taken a full plunge into the world of HEALTH.  This has produced an interesting psychological reaction in his wife.  For the first time, I’m the one being given the eyebrow raise over the cookie.  He doesn’t like meat or casseroles for dinner.  He prefers salads and watermelon and quinoa.  While I also love these things, I find myself dreaming of Five Guys.  Not the guys.  Just that cheeseburger and all those Idaho potatoes.

4.  I find that summer must be somewhat structured or it’s a guarantee – I will go completely crazy.  But too structured and I feel like I’m in a strait jacket.  We made our charts.  And completely ignored them for the first week.  Maybe next week.  The last few years we had a big summer chart on the wall that works great.

Value of the month.  It at least sits there.
5.  There I was driving down the country road with the boy.  All of a sudden a fearless fawn jumped out of the cemetery and right in front of me.  I swear, she’s been taking lessons from those suicide squirrels.  Everything went into slow motion.  I very calmly slammed on the brakes and tucked my head slightly.
We hit the deer hard.  Pulled over to the side of the road.  The boy and I slowly turned to look at each other.  “Holy crap,” he said.  The deer skittered, fell, then bounded into the forest again.
That’s it.  Lucky.

6.  The boy went camping.  It was a survival hiking trip.  Meaning they were going to drop my only son into the forest and run, leave him to his own devices for two whole days and nights!  He was SOOO excited.  He was going to set squirrel traps and eat them. He bought a sling shot with his own money and this deadly ammunition.  He was disappointed he didn’t catch a squirrel, but he ate two rabbits.  I cannot describe how this was done, nor can I fathom how my son could skin, de-gut, or cook a rabbit over a campfire.  
They say hunger makes you do things you never thought you could do.  I cannot see myself killing a rabbit.  Leaves, anyone?

7.  The girl started her first real summer job.  She would really like to read all summer.  But she’s happy for money since her $100 dollar allowance is long gone.  She works in a kitchen at the school she got into (hooray!) for the fall, setting and clearing tables for researchers and scientists.  She has to be there at 7 a.m. and is usually done by 3.  I miss her terribly.  I worry she’s working too much, that she’s never home, that I’ll NEVER see her again!  To which Gregor gives me a look.  I feel slightly guilty she’s not lounging more, going to the camp I said I wouldn’t drive to.  This is the modern-day American mother isn’t it?

8.  Our chickens are growing and so is the garden.  Love their waddle.  And the peas are pretty spunky too.  Soon we shall pluck and eat them!  Not the chickens.  Just the peas.

9.  When mom refuses to drive we find a way to get around.
Here’s to summer!



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