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Fit Tip Monday: Quad Stretch

By June 3, 2013 10 Comments
Miles Run: 4
Indecision Stress: High

The question?  To train for a marathon or not.  That is the question.  After Boston this year, I was psyched and ready to go.  But looking at training schedules makes me question.  My mind starts freaking out that I just can’t do everything I want to do right this very minute.

Marathon training requires dedication.  Life revolves getting the training runs in, the long run every single weekend (often 2-3 hours of running), eating, fuel choices, early bed-times.  Do I want to commit to that right now?  And committing to that means letting go of what else?

Life is SO busy right now with kids, writing goals, sports nutrition job opp. for the fall, garden, house, church/volunteer, my hair…well, that could use some one-on-one time, too…

Tell me, are you in this land of indecision?  The time to plan for a marathon is now, brown cow.  Counsel me.

And now back to the fit tip.  

While you run and walk and train and stretch, here’s a little tip when stretching your quadriceps.  Made up of four muscles, and covering the largest bone in your body (the femur) the quad is often strained and not stretched properly.  This can pull your out of alignment and make all sorts of connecting muscles and joints hurt (knees, hamstrings, back…)

Let us go to one quad stretch and some reeeeaaally good photography skills:
Correct.  When you stretch your quad, you should use the same ARM and same LEG.  Right hand reaches down and grabs Right foot.  

Then you can verrrrry slowly pull that foot out; you will feel a slight difference in the muscles being stretched.  Balancing that picture with the camera was no easy feat, ya know.

Incorrect.  Bad.  Why?  I cringe when my kids do this.  It doesn’t hurt them now, but if you pull your leg and knee out in all different directions, you are putting a tremendous amount of strain on the knee joint.

And you only have one pair of knees.

Knees are not to be taken for granted.  When you hit your 30’s you’ll be glad you were nice to them.  Preserve cartilage!  Stretch correctly.  Avoid unnecessary strain.

Same arm, same leg.  10-20 seconds.

The end.

Happy Monday!

p.s.  trying to follow husband around taking pictures of him stretching for the blog has not been incredibly successful.  If you’d like to volunteer your services, please be in touch 🙂



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