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Fit Tip Monday: Grocery Store Produce on the Cheap

By February 11, 2013 One Comment
Miles Run: O
Shoveling.  Lots and lots of shoveling.
New Hampshire got slammed with a blizzard this weekend.  It was quite exciting, even when the microwave died.  Even when vacuum died.  Even when the grill stopped working and the oven turned OFF.  Even when the well cap got rammed with a snow plow and severed the wires rendering a family of six without water for 48 hours.  It was all good.

Who needs water when you’ve got produce?  Who need a shower when you’ve got a smoothie?  Who needs to flush the toilet when…well…it’s time to flush.  Sorry.

Since we live down a rural road, I can’t run to the store every time I need something.  But no need…I have discovered the secret to my success: shopping every two weeks, with a weekly milk run in-between.  

At the back of Market Basket, my beloved grocery store, are tall racks stacked with produce that we spoiled Americans turn our noses up at.  Yes, I too would wrinkle my nose at the slightest apple blemish, at bananas overly ripe.

No longer.  I’m the girl you’ll see loading up every grocery fun.  I buy it all and freeze it all.

Tangerines, mangoes, kiwis, carrots, apples, bananas, papayas, spinach… All purchased on the cheap for my beloved morning cup ‘o smoothie.  Are you sick of my smoothie talk?

We make it a child/mother/bonding affair, washing all those strawberries

and plucking the grapes we used to be too picky to eat

Every fruit imaginable gets put into freezer bags.  And mama is happy.  And she’s feeling groovy.

Vegetable seconds makes a great soup, too.

I have a friends whose mother dumpster dives behind grocery stores.  I’m not there yet.

Happy Monday!


One Comment

  • annewoodman says:

    I am never tired of your smoothie talk!

    And I am very sorry about the appliance meltdown. The flushing thing, in particular, would be my undoing. ; )

    That soup looks very, very yummy!

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