A Lover’s Ultimate Valentine: The Chocolate-Covered Oreo Truffle

By February 8, 2013 11 Comments

Today I am breaking my own blog rule.  There is nothing healthy about what I’m about to reveal.  But I do hope you’ll forgive me once you take a bite of this most decadent Valentine’s dessert. 

Blessings and cursings to my friend, Kate, who introduced me to the chocolate-covered oreo truffle.  Every time husband and I take a bite, we look at each other and say, “That’s sooo good.”

This year, instead of buying that processed candy in the store, you can make your own processed valentine gift with me!  And then we shall run.

Ingredients:  1 package Oreos (generic works fine), 1 package cream cheese (generic and low-fat work fine), dark cocoa and/or white chocolate candy melts (can find in Wal-mart or craft store.)  Strawberries optional, but give a beautiful Valentine red color!
Food process your oreos.  I accidentally gave my food processer away, (losing it, I tell you,) so I used the Vitamix.  Blend into a fine powder.
Looks like my beautiful compost dirt 🙂  Now pop that cream cheese on top.
Stir together.  After a little while I used two butter knives to criss cross it all together.  Post-Script:  Kate tells me to use the Kitchen-aid and she’s right – dump crushed oreo and cream cheese in and let it swirl together. Works beautifully.
Take your cookie scooper (mine is a medium-sized pampered chef scooper I love) and drop on a cookie sheet lined with waxed paper.

Using my scooper I got 28 truffles

 Then roll into little balls with your hands (all of this goes very quickly.)

Cover with saran-wrap and pop in your cold garage or fridge while you melt your candy melts.
This can be done in the microwave but ours is broken.  Yes, we’re having appliance issues.  Melt candy melts over low heat and stir.  Takes just a few minutes.  This can be done using chocolate chips, but candy melts melt and stay melted much longer.  Chocolate chips are thick and don’t give that nice lite candy-coating that you’re going to want.
Ready to roll.  Pop two truffles at a time and flip once or twice to cover.  One bag of candy melts was plenty to cover all 28 truffles and then some.

Oh no, now we’re in trouble….

We covered most in dark chocolate and a few in the white chocolate, sprinkled with  chopped peppermint candy.  

I’ve never used candy melt before.  I shall never use anything else.  It works wonderfully.

A neighbor gift for Mr. Goody who plows our driveway every time it snows 

Bring this out for a late-night Valentine treat and your lover will swoon.  It’s guaranteed.

That one is mine.  Hands off.  

A Lover’s Ultimate Valentine: Chocolate-Covered Oreo Truffle
1 package Oreos
1 8 ounce package Cream Cheese
1 package Dark Cocoa Candy Melts
1 package White Chocolate Candy Melts (optional)

Food process the oreos into fine dirt.  Stir in cream cheese.  Shape into balls.  Refrigerate.  Melt candy melt.  Dip and roll.  Let cool.  Eat and swoon.

Have yourself a most Happy Valentine’s Day.  And let me know if your treat works it’s intended magic.



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