How to Keep Daddy Young: Go Sledding

By January 25, 2013 14 Comments
Miles Run:  3
How that feels on a treadmill: 6
Temp: -10 with windchill
Whine Factor:  Do you have to ask?

This arctic blast is killing me.  That is such hyperbole, but I’m suffering.  Suffering, I tell you.  I do not want to leave my house for any reason.  Not even for a free dinner at the dining hall.  We made fried fish for dinner.  It was gross.  I refused to bring Cope to a school event b/c it was too cold.  She is still mad at me.  I’m dreaming of cancun.  Or even 20 degrees.  How can we bear such trials?

Let’s think on happier times.  Like when Daddy turned into a 10-year-old.

It was Christmas break.  The cousins had arrived!  And it snowed!

Sledding was the only answer.
Someone wasn’t so sure this was going to be fun

But the boy was ready!

Cope carefully manuevered down the hill

And then Daddy hopped on his sled and went flyin’ like he was in the Grand Prix!

My mouth sometimes drops open at the pure glee…you know those times when husband says, “I’m 10 again!”  It sparks happiness inside me.
“I’m 11 for the first time and this is awesome!”
Now all it takes for Dad to get a little more wild is to add another dad or two

There were lots of collisions and crashing

And it’s all good!

Brynne brings out the daredevil in us all.
But I’m telling you now, the days of me flying down a hill face-first?  Over.

Those days aren’t over for Daddy!

Not for this guy either

Daddy?  I’m still not so sure about this

Wild woman

Let’s both be 10!

Are you talking to me?

Then pregnant mama gets into the action.  No, this is not me.

There was some questionable behavior

Hold on, small child!  It will soon be over.

And for the grand finale?  Daddy takes Paige down for the ride of her life.

Faster and faster they fly. Isn’t this fun, baby?  Yes, you can hold on to my leg for dear life.

We’ll go faster and faster and faster!  Maybe go over a some bumps.

Bail out, bail out!  Wasn’t that a blast, Paige?

Yep, you were right Daddy, that was the best!
You can make it up to me by burning the Christmas tree
And we all danced around the fire in our…coats and boots.  It may have been a little Lord of the Flyish.  But no one wore a loin cloth or put a pig on a stick.  That already happened this summer.  And come to think of it, that also involved Daddy.

Let it snow!  And go sled.  Be young.  And make sure to laugh.  Doesn’t that fire look warm?


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