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Tofu Smoothie Love

By January 19, 2013 6 Comments
Miles Run: 6
Temperature: 5
Whine Factor:  HIGH

All ails can be fixed with a post-run smoothie.  Don’t you think?
Now, don’t go turn your nose up at the tofu.  You are excited.  Let us gather our supplies.  Water, apple, frozen spinach, carrot, frozen banana, frozen strawberries, avocado, cranberry-pineapple leftovers, tofu, protein powder.

The reason I bought tofu was because I wanted to amp up the protein without adding more protein powder.  I’ve been doing some protein powder research and wondering how good it is for our bodies.  More to come.  So anyhoo, in comes the tofu.  And don’t forget, those dark leafy greens have some protein, too.

You may now start to sing…water, apple, and carrot


Strawberry love.   Have you been reading Strawberry Shortcake books with your 5-year-old like I have?  It’s berry fun.

Aren’t you getting happier by the minute??

A very ripe avocado my kids wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot-pole.  Another reason I love smoothies.

Add that tofu!

Still goin’ strong on my sugared cranberries and pineapple!
We are ready, dude.

My smoothies are the funkiest of colors.

I’m telling you, I’m feeling goooooood.

Tofu, Fruit, and Green Smoothie:
1 cup water (more if needed)
1 med apple, cut
1 carrot
1-2 bananas
1-2 cups strawberries
1 cup spinach
1/2 cup cranberry/pineapple
1 avocado
1/2 cup tofu
1 scoop protein powder

Blend away!

I always make a big batch because everyone drinks some.  Gregor has been taking a water bottle full, to work everyday.  Works out if he has time, drinks his smoothie love, and is ready to go.  He’s lost 30 lbs. since spring!  Loves when I talk about his weight 🙂  He’s lookin’ mighty fine, just sayin’.  

You could of course, make a smaller batch or make a big batch and have it for two days.  You can also add whatever fruit you have.  I never follow recipes, just dump in the fruit and greens that I have.

What do do with your peels and cores?  Compost, of course.  Or feed them to your pet pigs in the backyard.
Enjoy!  May your weekend be full of smoothie love.




  • What kind of blender do you have? I want to try doing smoothies but need a blender. I did 6 miles today too but the temp was 36 and lovely. 5 degrees is intense. Nicely done!!

  • Now you really do make an eclectic smoothie. Looks awesome! I love tofu, actually, as I put it in stir-frys. Good stuff.

  • annewoodman says:

    Amy, you are allowed to have a high whine factor when it’s that cold outside!

    Your smoothie looks delicious… and I don’t understand how you have all those ingredients for as little as you spend at the grocery store. Do tell!

  • Lindsey says:

    I wish I was like you. I hate smoothies. Make them for the boys almost every day, but can’t choke one down myself! 🙁 Maybe someday I’ll be mature enough to start liking them! 🙂

  • Andrea says:

    Soft/silken tofu works really well if your blender isn’t as powerful. Firm tofu ends up like cottage cheese. Smoothies are supposed to be smooth!

    Oh, Curt said it sounds like it’s time for an ice cream run with Gregor!

  • Julia Tomiak says:

    Five degrees. I bow to you. And, I have never had tofu, but this post makes me want to try (you’ve been right about everything else so far…) I don’t think I’ll tell my family- I’ll just slip it in. See if they notice. And I can’t wait for your summary of the pros and cons of protein powder. Do Tell!

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