Ordinary Day

By January 15, 2013 7 Comments
Just a few things going on around here.

1.  I think my husband has found his virtual eternal companion. Her name is Siri.  She answers in an non-argumentative voice and always tries to be especially helpful. I think this is actually a man’s invention to make non-virtual wife jealous. I should be jealous of Siri, for capturing all of my husband’s attention, but for some reason, she fascinates me!  I can’t stop asking her questions. I find her rather hysterical.  
Unfortunately, Siri cannot answer all of husband’s questions.  And thus, the need for the real wife.  I was also informed that Siri is not unique to my husband.  He shares her with every other iphone-carrying man and woman in the world. Honestly, Siri.  But at least that makes me special.
2.  I said no to a pet lizard after I already told Brynne YES, because lizards need to eat live crickets and we are 1/2 hour away from a pet store.  I am now “so mean.”  This was followed by a mournful discussion about Peanut and our obvious lack of parenting skills.  

3.  I received my very first freelance check in the mail the other day.  This now means that I can splurge on…not much.  Still. Baby steps, right?
4.  What I eat for lunch at least twice a week. Don’t forget the pomegranate.  

5.  Guitar serenades in the back seat.  Paige started piano this month too.  I pray for help daily, that you won’t find me in a corner banging my head against the wall saying, Play E, Not B, it’s E, E, E!  Now, I’m just kidding, ya’all.  I’ve channeled my inner Pollyanna whenever I sit down at the piano with my delicious cherubs!

She sings, ripped jeans skin was showin, hot night wind was blowin’, where you think you’re goin’ baby?  Should I be concerned?

6.  Oh my gosh, Cope let me take her picture.  That was last month.

7.  Lots of tea parties

Wait a minute…how did that hot dog get in our house???  We don’t eat that stuff!

8.  Not to get all political, but I don’t get the gun debate.  I had NO IDEA there was so much division on this issue.  Closing background-check loop holes?  Banning semi-automatic weapons?  How can anyone disagree with that?  Nope, don’t get it.  Okay, let’s get political.

And now I will take a deep breath.

9.  Love faces and furry hoods

Love this face too, even though the boy has a rash.  Poor thing.  It strikes about once every six months.  Detergent?  Fish oil?  Soap?  We can’t figure out what it is that sets him off.  The one thing that helped?  Vaseline.  He was given his very own jar in his Christmas stocking, and every once in awhile he spontaneously hugs me and says, “Thank you for the Vaseline!” It’s the small things, right?
10.  Lastly, why does the toilet smell so malodorous?  No, that is not good.  Doesn’t anyone around here clean?

Love to you…
on a Tuesday.



  • Kelsey Eaton says:

    Oh, that Siri! Tim is constantly asking Siri to set his alarm, give him directions to restaurants, play music, etc but whenever I ask Siri to do anything she just says, “I don’t seem to understand what you are saying.” Sigh…;)

  • Lindsey says:

    Love your random posts! 🙂

  • Mine has had a date with Siri and I hope it stays that way! Congratulations on getting paid. Have you tried coconut oil – apparently the latest cure all ills (unless I am behind the times)!

  • I think Siri would drive me nuts. I’m glad my phone doesn’t talk to me.

    As for lizards, I did say yes (sigh). But we have a pet store 1 mile down the road. Never in my life did I ever imagine myself asking a clerk in a store, “One box of crickets, please.” Nope. Never saw that one coming.

    Your poor son. That rash looks painful!

    And I’m with you on the gun issue. SO MANY of the arguments against gun control make no logical sense. I’d say more, but I don’t want to blow up your blog in controversy!

  • annewoodman says:

    Yay! A freelance check! So exciting! If you can get on with O magazine, you will be rolling in the money. If not, well, you will be getting nice little “fun” checks… and it’s all good. ; )

    Agreed, agreed, agreed on the other topics. Skin rashes are so weird, aren’t they? I think they’re even weirder because you can be totally fine using a product for years, then all of a sudden break out in a rash from it. Sigh. I’m glad Vaseline helps.

  • GrannyLanny says:

    You wise to veto the lizard–Nate had one and the cricket issue was not pleasant. They seemed to escape, and the lizard wasn’t all that fun.

    Have you tried lavender essential oil on the rash? or rosemary? We (even Andy) love essential oils–they work well on skin problems.

  • We swear by aquaphor for my daughters exema that looks like your poor boy’s rash. She calls it her medicine and takes it around with her. Also, we sometimes use prescription strength hydrocortisone cream under the aquaphor. Rashes are no fun!

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