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Fit Tip Monday: Find a Way

By January 14, 2013 8 Comments
Sledding with kids:  A great workout! 

January is a hard month.

It’s cold

It’s slippery

It’s cold and slippery at 5 a.m.

It’s hard to run, let alone exchanging warm fleece for cold shorts

My running buddy is in Houston for a marathon

Because she is amazing

I am alone in the lone and dreary world of cold.

Find a way.

On Saturday I wouldn’t let myself out of it.

And it was a really busy kid day with husband gone.

8 a.m. basketball game

9:45 a.m. basketball game

12 p.m. soccer game

2 p.m. birthday party

3:30 p.m. playdate

3:40 p.m. rendevous to swap kids

4 p.m. birthday party pick-up
5 p.m. birthday party

5:30 dinner with husband on campus so children can see daddy as he has on-campus duty Fri-Sun night

8 p.m. birthday party pick-up

9 p.m. please tell me all the children are in bed

Exercise?  Forgetaboutit!

I go through the above scenario to tell you that I know you’re really busy.

But here is is:  Find a way.  My way was dropping Brynne off at her basketball game a half hour early for warm-ups while I scooted across the street with Paige and got in a half hour of cardio and 3 weight machines.  Paige had her library bag and was asked to very sweetly sit and read while mama got in her fix.

When I got to the gym?  The treadmills were in use.  Drat!  Find a way.  So I got on the elliptical trainer for 15 minutes until the treadmill was free (could she feel my angst?) and ran on the treadmill for 15 minutes.  That’s it, that’s all the time I had unless I wanted to miss all of Brynne’s game, which was not an acceptable alternative. 

I also surmised that I was a little bit happy I only had half an hour and not all day to exercise since I hate the treadmill so dreadfully, which got me thinking that most of our (and I’m talking about me) excuses are because deep down we just don’t want to do something.  

We find time for the things that are important to us. 

Then I sped back to the elementary school with Paige in tow to watch my Brynne play her game.  Who, by the way was mad at me for missing the first quarter.  You know what?  I explained that mama really needed a little bit of exercise, but I came back to watch my girl and gave her a hug.  She nodded.  I also fed her ice-cream for lunch and there – I’m forgiven.

At the game I was in work-out clothes with a hat shoved on my head, probably looked gross and sweaty and you know what?  Tough.

My sister-in-law swaps childcare with her neighbor so she can take turns working out,

Another sister-in-law joined a gym that had childcare even though it was more expensive.

That’s my advice for the week.   Find a way.

And if sledding with kids is the only way to get a work out in?  I suggest suiting up and enjoying the ride! (and the multiple hikes up the hill.)




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