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Runner Food: Pomegranate, Mango and Mixed Green Salad

By December 8, 2012 4 Comments
It is the month of the pomegranate. This is a variation of a salad from Anne – thank you! I love it.

“You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces – just good food from fresh ingredients.”

– Julia Child

The line-up:

 Pomegranate, mango, mixed greens, red wine vinaigrette (and I bet that Raspberry Pomegranate is tasty, too!)  This recipe is so easy it requires no step-by-step instruction. But the ingredients are too pretty not to photograph. And I need lots of practice. 

Cut pomegranate in half.  Admire intricate star shape. Boootiful, bootiful.
Cut mango.  Inhale.  Mmmmm.  Want the nutritional data of a mango?  Here you go!  Huh?  Let’s just say it’s one of the most nutritionally-rich, tropical fruits out there. B6, fiber, folate…

Give those greens a nice little spin.  I love my salad spinner.  I used to think it was a dumb appliance.  I love my salad spinner.

Let’s admire this a little more.  Cut pomegranate in half again.

And drop it right onto the greens.  Are you thinking, well, duh?

Is it Christmas yet?

How perfectly festive!

I’m sure one could make this.  Ken does too.  He gave it to me at the store.  I said, thank you.

This is me shaking up the oils

So you see red vinaigrette and not just oil

There.  Splendid.  Simple.  Fresh.  Yummy.  Perfectly Julia.  Eat.

This looks good.  Ken made that one, too.

But then I think…protein.  How about some walnuts?

Digression:  Nancy Clark, my nutrition guru, can show you a nifty little nut chart with protein/calorie/fiber value.  

Hemp Seeds have 10grams of protein per 1/3 cup.  Wow!  What are hemp seeds?  

Pumpin seeds have 9grams of protein per 1/4 cup.  

Walnuts have 4grams protein per 1/4 cup, chopped.

I love the last pieces of yum.  Next dinner party?  This was my after-school snack. 

Pomegranate, Mango, & Mixed Green Salad with Red Wine Vinaigrette:
Mixed greens
Pomegranate seeds (spread to your heart’s desire)
Mango (ditto)
Red Wine Vinaigrette
Walnuts (just say yes)

I’m finding that food photography is not as easy as I thought.  I’ve read that food looks best on white plates, with good light.  My counters are black and it was overcast all day (boo hoo!) I’m also trying to get off auto-shooting. But…I still don’t get it.
The last one, really.  Eat this. 

Not this.

I was going to make dear husband a salad but a beastly boy ate all the mango.  It’s that good.



  • Kristy says:

    The salad looks delicious! I want to try that one. 🙂


  • annewoodman says:

    Yummy! I love the walnut addition, too. Can’t wait to make another one! And it does have some nice, festive color to fit the season.

    I think your photos are very nice! Whenever I try to do food shots, they’re never very exciting.

  • YUM! My husband is out of town all next week. I might eat this for every meal. 🙂

  • Julia Tomiak says:

    Your food shots are beautiful. I’m pinning them all to my recipe board on Pinterest! Also, we made the salad last night- good reviews all around. I threw in some clementine as well, and I used a balsamic vinaigrette with a little bit of sugar…
    I heard Michael Hyatt say this morning on one of his pod casts that we bloggers should feel successful if we touch the lives of a handful of people. I can assure you that you’ve inspired some very healthy eating in my home. Thanks.

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