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Hanging onto Fall

By November 28, 2012 7 Comments
Hanging onto Fall, unlike Hanging on to Fall which definitely changes the meaning which definitely makes me think of a book title.
Anyway, the irony of my post’s title is not lost on me since the day after Thanksgiving I changed the header to a Christmas theme.  I don’t know why. I suddenly felt a great urge TO GET ORGANIZED, NOT GET BEHIND…HURRY…hurry.  Chillax, girl, live like a cow.
Every time I pass them they are definitely not in a hurry.  They probably look at me running down their road and shake their heads, silly girl, slow down.  Chew.  They are slow and steady, thoughtful and slow.  Even when turning their heads to pose for my picture, they are slow.  I like that.  Though that Bessy on the left looks a little…alert.  I’m going to live like a cow this month.  And enjoy the last remnants of a beautiful season.  I’m trying to be slow.

Beautiful morning light, just as the frost has melted and the earth is still.  And the cows are slow.
We had a few days off right before Thanksgiving.  We went for a walk.  My Brynne is growing up so fast.  Eight years old, such a little mama to her sister.  I swear, Paige only knows her letters and how to wash her hands because of this amazing second mother.

Hints of snow are in the air, and the milkweed has burst, about to fly and scatter.

This golden wheat reminded me of Sting’s fields of gold…and Idaho.  I put an antique filter on the picture from iphoto.

I should have put children in front of the wheat.  This kind of morning light, I’m learning, makes an amazing backdrop.

Brynne cuts sprigs of berries for me to put in a vase in the kitchen.  It was such a warm November day we took off our jackets and let the sun shine and warm us right up.  It was still early morning, and the pre-teens were still snug in their beds.  Man, things are changing around here.

But my little ones still arise early with the sun and their mama.  We like morning light.  It seeps into the soul, doesn’t it?

Reuben is still a puppy, and the brother to the water buffalo and the bear. He came bounding down the hill to see us.  You should see his long tongue lick Paige’s face.

For many months this vase sat empty.  I have been admiring these wheat/yarn ball things at Michael’s, but trying to be frugal, blah blah, and never got them.  So the vase sat.  Until I saw the wheat in my own backyard with the sun hitting them.  I wondered why I had never noticed it before.  Because I wasn’t being a cow!

Which made me pause.  And think that everything I’m chasing, is already right in my own backyard. 



  • Haunani says:

    Love this! I always wonder at this time of year why everything ramps up just when my heart wants to be still. Stores are crowded, people are busy, there are concerts and parties and activities. And I just want to be still and be A COW! Thanks for sharing my desire. Maybe enough of us will remind each other and it will be a beautiful, simple, easy holiday season at least for a few of us. 🙂

  • Sarah says:

    This was perfect for today 🙂

  • Monica says:

    Hey Amy!

    Okay this is weird but I commented on your blog to receive the motherhood book. I didn’t actually look at any posts. If I had I would have realized I knew your hubby in college! We were in the same ward for a while. When you commented on my blog, I went back to look at yours and oddly enough recognized the back of his head in a picture. What a small world! Awesome blog by the way! You have a beautiful family as well! Tell Gregor Monica Turner says hello!

  • Carrie Rubin says:

    Love the picture of Reuben. Ah, to be so carefree and full of life and excitement. 🙂

  • Lindsey says:

    Beautiful pictures, Amy! You’re getting so good with that new camera! Now you’re going to have to give ME lessons!

  • Debbie Brown says:

    Love it. Be the cow – more words to live by. 🙂

  • Julia Tomiak says:

    I, too, have cows watch me when I run. Yes, they certainly do suggest a slower pace for life. And early morning as well as late afternoon offer great lighting for pictures!
    Hey- I bought a pomegranate yesterday. Now, to cut into it…
    Love the header. Enjoy your weekend.

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