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Memorial Day Weekend, Memorable

By May 30, 2012 One Comment

A busy, musical week led us into Memorial Day weekend.

Cope had her last band concert. Sadly, she is giving up the bass clarinet after this year.  The story of band is a tremendous “battle of wills” story I cannot share at this time, but never fear, it will circle back to the blog someday.

We sure enjoyed watching her play.  It’s a deep, beautiful instrument she plays very well.  
The day after the band concert was “Andover Idol” at the Middle School.  After last year’s debacle, the only thing I wanted her to do was get back on that stage.  You know, “get back on the horse!”  She decided the day before Idol, that she would give it a try.
She giddy-apped all the way to the top.  We’re so proud.  Don’t you hate braggy blogs? 
She eschews most pop music (yes!) and has stewed for a year on what song to choose.  Though she loves Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood, she balks at the thought of singing such songs in public.  She chose “On My Own,” from Les Miserables.  Way to go, girlfriend.  Let’s que, “Hero,” by Enrique Inglesias…

And the very next day was our very first piano recital.  After I heard famed violinist Jenny Oaks Baker say, “Performing is the reward for practice,” I freaked out and decided I better reward my children by giving them opportunities to perform.  Since I teach them, I haven’t pursued this enough.  We joined a piano teacher’s group at an assisted living home.  I am now convinced we need to do more of this.  Very fun.

My Nellie-boy

The biggest highlight was having family come to town.  The reason was Brynne’s baptism (worthy of it’s own post).  My parents flew in from Arizona and Allison came with baby Sydnie from New York. Cousins arrived from Belmont and Neeham Mass.  We love them so.

Sydnie Jolene.  What a doll.  She had many admiring peeps.

She wasn’t left alone for one minute.  I’m sure she’s missing us dearly.

Allison was mean and said we couldn’t have Sydnie.  We laughed at my brother Peter’s reaction (very adoring father) if she came home without baby.  Just in case there is any doubt, we will take her.  Preferably now!  Oh…baby fever…

Aunty Allison is so adored.
Um, can you believe I didn’t get any pictures of my parents?  Tsk, tsk… My mother went crazy buying tons of plants to plant in our yard (gorgeous), weeding, and feeding baby Sydnie, pickles.  My dad planted the last garden bed with me.  Potatoes, pumpkins, cucumbers, and spinach in one bed.  I tend to overdo it.  He also bought us a roto-tiller.  Next year I’m asking for my very own beef cow.
There’s nothing better than having family around for the holidays, especially if they do work for you 🙂  It was perfect weather aside from New Hampshire’s not-so-lovely black flies.  Monday, Memorial Day, was the annual 5k Black Fly Blitz.  This girl (me) could not run due to the foot issue, but when you cannot run, you must cheer.  So I did.  But that also deserves it’s own post.
We did not go to any cemeteries this year, but next year it’s a must.  Cheers to that.


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  • thewalshies says:

    Congrats to Cope, and she looks so much older than at last year’s Idol! In the pic of Brynne holding Sydnie, Sydnie looks a lot like Paige, I think! Glad you had a nice weekend with your family!

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