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Did you ever have a walkman?  I didn’t, but my brother Peter did.  It was a really cool yellow and he’d let me use it if I paid for my own batteries.  While going on long trips west I’d plug in and blast Erasure for hours and hours…I think I still have the whole tape memorized – tapes!  We used to listen to tapes and make mix tapes.  That was fun.
Cope lost her precious ipod on the airplane this summer.  She didn’t tell me; she was afraid I’d be mad.  But I found out anyway, and did not get mad.  This is a lesson I’m learning.  If you want your kids to talk to you and confide in you, you can’t freak out all the time.  How many times do we goof up anyway, and we’re adults?
So anyway, she found this ancient walkman at a swap shop.  I told her not to get it, it probably didn’t work anyway.  But she got it and has been having her own blast, walking around with the few tapes we have.
Funny.  Brings me right back to the 80’s.

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