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I found this old post that never made the cut.  I’m having a blog crisis.  My motivation seems to have waned.  Part of the problem is Gregor got a new computer and the photos did not convert well or in any sort of order.  It told him I have taken 65,000! photos.  That can’t be correct, can it?   I have mucho photos to download but nowhere to put them.  Oh dear.  My energy doesn’t want to go there.  It wants to sit on the couch at night and drink Stephen’s Raspberry hot chocolate, maybe sneak in a Friday Night Lights…sleep would be nice.
Life is going past at a rapid clip and I can’t seem to find my blogging mojo.
These were taken just a few months ago…I wonder what I was going to say?  
Just a few months ago I told the girls to circle the seeds we should order for the garden.  You should see the poor neglected garden.  Last spring we ordered none of these flowers, only the fruits and vegetables.  Brynne’s hair is so short and why was she eating bread on the couch?  Paige’s hair must have been attacked by a pillow.

A few months ago Cope started the violin.  Yep, that lasted a few weeks.  She was so intent on playing.  “When in the world will you find the time with all your other activities?” I asked.  “Oh, I will!” she said. “Piano comes first…then there’s track, soccer, student council, homework, babysitting, young women…” Sadly, something had to give and it was the violin.
I was so excited to learn too.  I’ve always wanted to play it.  Especially as that was around the time I discovered Jenny Oaks Baker.  I had great visions of myself with the beautiful instrument.  Wow – it’s not so easy!  I learned Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  And was so proud.  And that was the last time I picked up the instrument.  It kindof hurt my neck, that tilt and hold thing you have to do.  Why does my hair look so dry?

Why did I take this picture?  Maybe because the doors are always open and children are always scavenging for food.  Months ago my kitchen was still the color of a clementine.  The diet coke was my mother’s – I swear!

Maybe I was going to give you a chicken soup stock recipe?  
Well, that was months ago.  But now the weather is turning cooler – our first frost might occur tonight! Maybe I can find that recipe.  Maybe my mojo will be back.

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