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By January 4, 2011 3 Comments
We watched a ton of movies over the holidays.  We hardly went out at all, just hung out with family, cooked a lot, ate too much, stayed up too late.  We were given some great movies we had to get in before our lovely vacation ended.
My kids had never seen this classic and I was surprised how much they loved it!  I was working on a project but sat in the same room and remembered how much I loved it too.  Even Nelson got into it – strong boys fighting, dancing, kidnapping girls.  Great stuff.

It’s become a holiday staple

The original trilogy.  Tell me, who doesn’t love Harrison?

It’s a Wonderful Life.  So. Good.  I can’t remember ever watching this from start to finish.  I never realized how much a sacrifice was made in this movie.  The kids moaned about the “black and white,” then promptly got into it.  Great movie.

“Miracle on 34th Street.” I like this original better than the remake.

And we finally own our very own copy of “The Pirates of Penzance” by Gilbert and Sullivan.  A family favorite for many years, one cannot help singing the lyrics that will suddenly come crashing through your mind, “Oh……I am a pirate king!” at odd times, day or night.  My kids LOVE. LOVE. LOVE this movie. Kevin Kline?  Delicioso.

More singing and dancing for the whole family!  Kids love.

Another classic.  Gregor likes the Jim Carrey one.  Great message.
Not a movie, but a CD.
I was given a mix at Thanksgiving by my brother-in-law, Seth.
Michael Buble.  I know, I’m really behind here, but all I can say is
Get in your convertible right now and hit the road for a romantic wind-swept ride along the ocean’s coast.  That’s what this Buble reminds me of.  Songs, Georgia, The Way You Look Tonight, Crazy Love…oh so many I love.  I’m telling you, grab your lover and GO.
Gregor wrinkled his brow and said his name reminded him of a frozen pizza.  One must choose to ignore such comments.
Buble.  Divine.


  • Amy, let’s go see Michael Buble in concert someday together. I have three of his cd’s and he is FANTASTIC. Excellent taste.

  • Debbie Brown says:

    These are great! Andy LOVES 7B47B – sings Bless Your Beautiful Hide ALL THE TIME!

    Have you seen Christmas in Conneticut – the original Barbara Stanwik verision? LOVE IT! I watch it at least 2-3 times each Christmas season.

    Haven’t seen Pirates of P or the Happiest Millionare. I know, Andy finds my lack of musicals appaling. Maybe I can borrow sometime?

    Buble – is he like a modern Sinatra? Love Frank. Will have to check out Buble on utube. Can’t exactly grab my lover right now, but Valentine’s Day is coming!

  • agreed. all great picks! and buble is definitely a smooth crooner.

    we just did elf & a christmas story, but i love all of those movies you mentioned. 7b47b & the happiest millionaire were def. staples in our household growing up. my brother ty, not the musical type at all, loves to break out in “bless her beautiful hide”.

    p.s. eric will prob. give gregor a hard time for preferring the Jim Carrey version of the Grinch over the orig.

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