It’s Good to Fail

One of the fun events our elementary school has is the yearly, “Andover Idol.” We have judges and everything.  It’s for middle school only, 6th-8th. Cope did her thing.  After literally months of deliberation, she passed on hip-hop, rock, or diva-ville.  She sang a song she’s been singing since she was three:  “Wishing You Were […]


on not forgetting: we already have a great kid

Our kids are in the arena. They are fighting a daily battle. They are warriors just for enduring. And they sometimes forget – because we do – that they are already golden.

It’s that time of the year, when many many kids are being awarded, graded, applauded. But not everyone is, are they? I don’t begrudge any of the above. Achievement is important and good for our personal growth.

But in all of our effort to make our kids “great again,” let’s not forget that they already are.


What’s This Thing Called Work-Life Balance?

My one-word theme for the year, “Simplify” is staring at me from the wall. Personal progress is suspect. I tell you, simplifying is hard. It means saying No to SO MANY THINGS. I experienced further angst when reading this stove analogy by humorist David Sedaris on management: “One burner represents your family, one is your friends, the third is your […]


Need to See the Kids? Make an Appointment!

I used to actually think that when my kids were older, life wouldn’t be so crazy – that life would be easier and might actually slow down…oh, silly rabbit. Life is going by at warp speed. If our family isn’t incredibly intentional about scheduling time together, we are the ships passing in the night. How easy it […]


Aunt Margie’s German Chocolate Cake {a love story}

This cake is brought to you just in time for Valentine’s. It’s special for three reasons: It’s my Aunt Margie’s recipe, who is now gone, but I have her cake and think of her whenever I make it. It has a very special ingredient that makes me laugh. It represents so many things I love […]