Real Quotes From Real Kids (II)

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As the darlings grow older, it’s harder to write about them. For some odd reason, they do not like me playing paparazzi to their every move and then posting their stories online for the whole world to read (how weird.) If I post a picture, I now have to ask permission. Oh, the funny stories that have fallen to the wayside…

Family privacy thing has plunged me into frequent blog crisis. After many months of deliberation, I came up with three categories I most like to write about: Happiness, Habits, and Health. (not to worry, the cherubs will still make frequent appearance.)

Real Quotes from Real Kids goes provides a compromise. They say things. I write them down and post anonymously. Sometimes even they can’t remember who said what (I have it filed away for future reference.)

I believe this post belongs in the Happiness category. Although, sometimes these quotes are not always funny or sweet or happy at all. But that’s real life, right?

Can you guess who said what? (I’m sorry, but I’m sworn to secrecy!)

The Top Ten:

1. “I’ve been nice for 5 days! I can’t be nice anymore – I’m OUT OF NICE!”

2. “I just want some processed American cheese. Is that so wrong?”

3. “Shoot high, hit low…that’s how I get exactly what I want!” (child negotiating bedtime. should I be concerned at the manipulation or impressed at the brilliance?)

4. “How would you like it if someone just wrecked your house because it was too close to his house? That is NOT OKAY!” (oh dear, the beaver indignance.)

5. “Why do you like running so much? Don’t you like, need to chase something? Like a ball???”

6. “Mama, this is nice toilet paper! I can’t wait to poop!”

7. “Well…your preference is wrong!” (we’re working on tolerating others’ opinions.)

8. “Mama, you’re my bestie.” (best quote on this page)

9. “There’s chocolate on my jeans! I didn’t even eat chocolate…double unfairness!”

10. “When I get married I want to come home and find my husband reading books to the our kids…and the best part is I can totally see all of my Uncles doing that.” (nice)

One of these quotes was actually said by dear husband. Can you guess which one?

Part I was back Here. I think this might become “a regular thing.” ’cause they just keep talking!

I hope you’re recording all the funny things you hear. At the very least, it serves as good blackmail and as a future record that you didn’t make this stuff up!

Have a marvelous weekend!




  • thewalshies says:

    I can totally see G saying all of those things! :o)

  • I’m guessing the husband quote was #9. I would be angry if my jeans were stained with chocolate I didn’t even get to eat.

    #6 cracks me up — but then they’re all pretty funny. Except possibly for the Machiavellian approach to negotiation … which is worrisome. 🙂

    • Becky says:

      From the AP:The head of New Jersey Transit is recommending a 10 percent fare hike, which would begin on June 1.The increase, the first since July 2005, would apply to both bus and rail fares.It would close a budget deficit of about $60 million in the ag18&yc#n2e7;s proposed $1.5 billion budget.New Jersey Transit will hold public hearings on the proposal in February and March.Outgoing NJ Transit executive director George D. Warrington made the recommendation to the agency’s board of directors at a meeting Tuesday morning.

  • Hmm, I’m gonna guess #2 for your hubby. Great quotes all around!

    • Debrah says:

      I totally understand feeling weird posting about when you're going to be away from your house. You never know what creepos are our there reading your blog!That dinner looks awesome! I like Uncle Ben's, but i hae9n&#3v;t tried many different brands.Have a great week!

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