Our Little House on the Prairie Moment

I’ve missed you all; can’t seem to catch a breath and write down my blogging thoughts.

It’s late and time for sleep, but I’m savoring summer as I look at these pictures I found on my camera.
The other day.  The sun was just thinking about setting, and the earth looked magnificent in the late summer light.

Soon, this tall grass would be cut down and dried into hay.

“Go run through the field like Little House on the Prairie,” I told the girls. Before the grass is gone.  And the cows eat it.
So my fearless Brynne took off into the field, not knowing what lay beyond that blade of grass or the next.

My eldest is just shy of an inch as tall as me.  The grass was high.

Now hold hands and walk to me while I sing the music…du du du-du…du du du…you know the theme song… Look – It’s Laura, Mary, and Carrie!
It took, like, a million shots because every time they ran to me they fell down. Over. and over. and over.  And laughed a lot.  Then they did it on purpose because Mom was taking pictures and it was just fun to run and fall in really tall grass.
So I took pictures of the magnificent sky.
Ah!  I almost galloped into the sunset myself.

Setting, setting, almost gone…
Is that Carrie’s foot?

Du du du-du, du du du…

They were itchy and scratchy by the end.  It was a moment we laughed about all night.

Then, the very next week, the grass was cut, dried, fluffed, and baled.  I’m really glad we got our Little House moment in.  You can never have too many of those.

Making any good memories this week?  

It’s our last full week before school.  I cry.  

Listen up summer. If you have to leave us, can we at least make it long good-bye?


6 thoughts on “Our Little House on the Prairie Moment

  1. Haunani

    Beautiful pictures! What a fantastic place to live and raise your cute kiddos. My #2 daughter, Megan and I checked out all the Little House DVDs from the library and we’ve made it through three seasons. Love that show!

  2. Julia Tomiak

    I can totally relate to the breathlessness, Amy. But my kids went back to school today so I have time to breathe. And write. And miss them.

    Gorgeous photos! Love the rays of light bursting through the leaves. Good eye. Thanks for always reminding me to appreciate…


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